Thirthankar Chakraborty – To My Professor of Poetry

Eternal dawn, what possible hue

Could lend its tint to your rainbow sky?

Pray bear this lay that strives in vain

To paint yon heavens ever so high –

A cloud that imbibes seas of love,

Oceans of poesy instil its pores;

It scatters in verse immortal hymns

That animate vigour in future’s spores –

A pioneer rock that outstands the shore,

Washed and sprayed with spuming brine,

Unwearied of life, confronting the vast

Infinite waters of the Muses’ shrine –

A lute that chants heroic rhymes,

Inscribed in Calliope’s tablet of yore,

Inspired by Erato, its strings dispel

The breath that buoyed the Skylark’s soar –

A beacon that hazards Polyhymnia’s caves,

Eager to explore her mystic art,

Pervading the tragic gloom, to soothe

Melpomene’s mournful heart –

Where to begin, and where to end

These unmellowed metres measured in rhyme?

For these fragments fail ’fore a soul so rare

With a heart so vast, and a mind sublime.

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