Summer au Languedoc and Other Poems

'I threw away the map, that should've been my guide'

‘I threw away the map, that should’ve been my guide’

Summer au Languedoc

I lost myself in the celebrations of the season,
I threw away the map, that should’ve been my guide,
Confessions pushed to tomorrow, without a particular reason,
Feelings of Love, I forced them down inside.
Reading Camus on a bench, this rebel lost his cause.
Fighting inequalities throughout the world
In the county fairs watching as thoughts and faeries twirled,
Trying to combine geography and maths,
One China, Two Hemispheres, Three Palestine,
Rather than focusing on what was closest to my heart.
Swimming in lakes trying to see the depths,
Following the right while trying to take the lefts,
Escapades of youth with new responsibilities.
Walking all the paths
Bare footing the fences, crossing all borders,
White dress calling to me, it taunts
I want to hear « She Loves me » but the words don’t fit her mouth,
Gone to see Terminator instead of Inside Out.
Naked celebrations, drinking till the world swirled
Aware yet callous of slaughters.
Three little birds, shouting in the trees,
Telling me to change the world through action instead of art.

Although I held the keys I stayed knocking on the doors.
Giant Wrestler and Tiny Dancer;
God wrote the question and said the answer:

Asa, what did you do this Summertime?

Thought Fish

It hides, beneath the deepest depths of the waters,
Nibbling at the hook cast into the rising swell.
Sideways glances catch glimpses, as it takes the bait.
Pretend to ignore the shining scales, the possibilities,
The suggestion that it may carry many sons and daughters.
No, much better to ignore it, wait till nearly too late,
Playing with the reel, taunting it, waiting for the final bell.
Now it rings. Haul it in! Before you drop the keys
To imagination, for you have caught an idea!

Condoms and Snowflakes (Simplicity)

I forgot I was a warrior and dreamt of being a hero,
Sitting in the desert of your soul, my feet burnt,
Before washing in my tears’ flow,
Crucified upon the cross of love, outside my old home….
In the halls, forgetting the lessons I’d learnt.
Following laws consigned to custom,
Fences erected by predecessors who I never knew.
The wall fell, the barrier grew.
I see her but can’t talk, even when I’m on my star,
She offers me the cosmos in her look, Heaven in her eyes.
Standing in the Streets of time, I choose to be alone,
Surely or else by now I would’ve run?
I’ve consecrated myself to sadness. Grey car.

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