Quick – Lock your talent up!

Disclaimer : no physical coercion will occur

This Sunday (26th February) brings us the next Durham Lock-In at the ever-faithful Fishtank. These (roughly) monthly events showcase the best that the city has to offer in terms of live performance. So far we have been treated to folk music, comedy, poetry, recitals, burlesque, ska and improvised jazz and the list keeps getting bigger.

The ominous title, implying being kept in one place under duress, is not to be feared: audience and performers can come and go as they please, with only the clear feeling of an after-hours jam session and the laid-back, open-minded and artistically experimental atmosphere harking back to the lock-ins of yesteryear, when landlords and bar owners would allow punters to stay and drink (or, in more recent years, smoke) after licensed hours.

Each Lock-In has a theme. This theme usually pays homage to a ‘remarkable’ person in recent history: Macaulay Culkin, Edgar J. Hoover and Lenin, to name an eclectic few. Disclaimers always state in advance that the honoured figure will regrettably not be making a personal appearance, a nod to the tongue-in-cheek, easygoing humour that characterises these events and their organisers.

This Sunday (26th February) there is an extra twist to the Lock-In, as the brains behind it have teamed up with The Bubble, to mark the end of our Creative Competition. A variety of entries will be showcased in the intimate setting, before the winners are announced, with three winners for each of the two categories. This extravaganza has thus been christened – in all conciseness – ‘The Django Reinhardt Memorial Lock-In (Bubble Creative Competition)’. It promises musical performances from Skasky and Hutch (no prizes will be awarded for the genre they favour), the Jazz Trio among many other eclectic performances, and of course some of our very own Creative Competition pieces.

Doors open at 7.30pm, £2 entry

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