Post-Exam Event: Workshop on Writing Characters and Dialogue

If the recent Game of Thrones series has taught us anything it’s that, without good character development, even the best story can fall flat. Dig deep into any famous or favourite story and at the core are the characters bringing to life new or familiar worlds. But how do you write realistic characters that your reader will love to get to know and hate to say goodbye to (and that won’t spark an online petition demanding you rewrite the whole story)?

Monday 10 June at 16.30, Durham Alumni and writer Florianne Humphrey will be running a workshop in Durham Clayport library on writing realistic and memorable characters, with a focus on dialogue and narrative voice.

Aware that writing can sometimes seem like an overwhelming and lengthy task – which is why, even with the best intentions, people can end up neglecting it – Florianne will teach quick and easy writing techniques that you can fit into your day-to-day life.

Not only will this be a great post-exam event, but it will be a chance to put aside some time to explore your imagination, use your creativity, and hopefully pen your own pieces. The workshop is also accessible to all levels, from complete beginners to wannabe writers, and for all writing disciplines, from prose to poetry to scriptwriting. And for those who are more serious about writing, Florianne will open the floor to discussion and questions about her own publishing journey with advice on how to get your work noticed.

Florianne is a former Durham English Literature student and is now a journalist, writer and writing workshop facilitator based in Durham. She has written two novels and has had short stories published, one of which was shortlisted for the 2018 Bridport Prize.

Over the past year, she has hosted workshops around County Durham for groups, organisations, charities and art venues such as Newcastle Library, Seven Stories, New Writing North, and Newcastle and The Table North East. Recently, she has also received arts funding to run a programme of writing workshops for vulnerable and hard-to-reach community groups in the North East.

If you want to learn new writing skills, share ideas, meet like-minded people, and fully appreciate the importance of creating realistic characters, then you can buy tickets for the workshop on the event page here:

For more updates on her workshops, follow Florianne on Twitter @flohumphrey3 or check out her website:




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