Only What I Know

“Then you saw her and it stopped.”

Only What I Know

You were ‘one of the boys’, before them,
But then you saw her and it stopped.
A blue two piece dress, class-
Alone at the bus stop,
Not yours. Took fate in your hands. Again.

Remember that night, alone.
A bench, a frost, a bag.
The eve of Christmas, too late.
Did you deserve it, boy?

And where was your mother,
You never knew her, did you?
Your father – did he live to see you?
Did your Aunty hate to have you?
Is that why she let you go?

When that ship sailed you found a family;
The cook with the parrot
That solider with the monkey.
You saw the world, hero.
But, even the animals had to go.

But then you got her granddad,
Just then you got them all.
That day you stepped off the bus
And winked. You had her at hello.

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