Prerana’s poem explores the myth of Narcissus, and whether he was actually looking at himself in the pool.


There is so much 

To look at 

I am caught staring



Into a tubewell


Concentric layers of 



Glint in the sunlight 

there is a withered bat 

with it’s wings torn off


A lost piece 

of woven thread

a tinkle of 

A merry laugh 


this is what it feels like 

to be flayed alive 


I am looking 

at a sliver of grief 

that has wormed 

Twisting patterns 



I cannot 

look away 


a trapped Firefly 


      Before Death 

               Before Pain 



About the poem: It explores whether Narcissus was just looking at himself in the pool, or perhaps if he was looking at all of humanity, or all of what could have been.

Prerana Kumar is a nineteen-year-old pluviophile who likes chasing dreams, chugging coffee and spends a lot of her time giving out free hugs.

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