My Happy Ever After

‘A genie shot out from a lamp…’

Once upon a time I made a rather foolish wish:
I prayed I might be rescued by an, oh, so charming Prince.

A genie shot out from a lamp to grant Wish Number One,
And so I found my fairytale adventure had begun.

I found myself locked up alone within a tower great,
And guarded by a dragon to ensure there I would wait.

Trapped I stayed for many years until at last he came,
A-riding on the finest horse from where he did exclaim,

That never had he seen someone as beautiful as I,
And with his strength and courage I could kiss my jail goodbye!

He spoke of dreams, of how he knew he’d journey from afar,
To search for me his one true love, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

I had longed for human talk through every day so bleak,
And now I had a man right here who would not let me speak!

Listening to his endless tripe and lengthy monologue,
I muttered without thinking that I’d rather kiss a frog.The genie reappeared and said that it could be arranged,
And there before my eyes the knight for frog prince was exchanged.

Green he was, and cold and damp, I simply could refuse.
But then again, I’d come this far, what did I have to lose?

Bending down to face the frog I glimpsed his little smirk,
And cringing as I puckered up I prayed the kiss would work.

In a flash a man appeared; relieved I was and pleased,
At least ‘til he revealed a ring and dropped down to his knees.

Wait! I thought, hang on! Just wait! He can’t propose just yet.
He’s only just appeared to me, we’ve barely even met!

My silent shock he took as yes, and crowing in his glee,
He shouted: “We must spread the news and marry instantly!”

From him I excused myself to make my final plea.
I’d no regrets in using up the wish that’s number three.

Ordinary life I chose: no dragons, frogs or Prince.
A fairytale is not for me; of that I’ve been convinced.

Instead I’ll trust myself to shape a life of love and laughter:
A future that I’m proud to call my happy ever after.

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