“We are all just equations.”


The tides are clockwork,
Subject to the pull of the Moon.
It’s all just a question of angles
And the elastic attraction of mass.

The world is an ordered equation
Where every rock, every plant,
Every person
Follows the laws of the numbers
Through cycles and graphs
And waves:
A dance with no meaning,
No purpose,
Just mathematical motion
With neither beginning nor end.

We are all just equations
Which slowly resolve themselves
Down to nought.
We are slaves to the rule
Of the numbers,
To the statistics that order our lives;
Just as the tides obey gravity
So we are bound by laws
We cannot defy.

And yet when the tide
Flows in
And the Moon rests just right
In the sky
Then the water lights up
Like silver
As it washes along the beach;
And the stars shine
As they trace
Their courses through the heavens.

On nights like that
We can imagine;
Pretend that God
Is not a mathematician;
We can be slightly more than a number
We can almost feel
We have souls.

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