‘Heal’ and other poems


Why can’t I heal you
take away your pain
why can’t I heal you
make you fine again
Hate seeing you this way
when you’re hurting inside
want to take it all away
any help I will provide
Why can’t I save you
from demons of the heart
Why can’t I save you
from being torn apart
I know it feels so bad
Shouldn’t fight it alone
I know it makes you sad
Shouldn’t be on your own
I see the pain in your eye
And it shouldn’t be there
Don’t like to see you cry
But you know that I care
I want to fix your soul
Repair all that you are
I want to make you whole
As you are my only starDear Cat

An odd critter you are
You are never too far
Rolling on the ground
Jumping, Climbing
Running all around
Sitting on my corner seat
Soaking the latent heat
Leaving loads of fluff
Playing, Purring
And other kitty stuff
Tearing up the place
Stealing all the space
Picky with your food
Sleeping, Staring
Never quite subdued
You’re not getting fat
You pooped in my hat
Always making a mess
Clawing, Shredding
Destruction with finesse
At night I’m in bed
you sleep on my head
I don’t need to breathe
Smothering, Purring
Until you decide to leave
It’s clear you’re insane
Asleep on my shelf again
Smashing all my things
Stretching, Scratching
Distracted by strings
But after all in the end
You are a furry friend
Though you try to be nice
There is still one thing
You’re as dumb as a bag of wet miceThe Fear

A sound echoes in the air
Meandering over the space
Everyone remains unaware
It carves fear on my face
Ominously etching the lines
Creases forming in my skin
Revealing the clear signs
As the fear is sinking in
Those words struck my ear
With a searing bolt of pain
Wishing they could disappear
As they burrowed in my brain
My mind wrestled with sense
To understand what was heard
And plan the best defence
The fear remains undeterred
It winds through like a snake
Constricting my beaten heart
The icy scales keep me awake
Before tearing my mind apart
The venom begins to paralyse
Freezes the blood in my veins
Before you can even recognise
The fear has taken the reins
Stare gently across the table
Work out where it came from
Its threat I need to disable
But fear’s victim I’ve become
Other faces remain unchanged
All immune to what was spoken
Only I was mentally rearranged
The fear in me has now awoken
That sentence left them alone
As the conversation goes on
I bear the weight on my own
Even when the words are gone
How can they all be so blind?
The threat is so plain to see
Its running wild in my mind
The fear has only chosen me
The moment has come and passed
Yet the fear grips my chest
Its frozen claws holding fast
The poison won’t be suppressed
Slowly retreating from the hall
Haunting words making me ill
Giving in to it, ready to fall
The fear sweeps in for the kill
I know what the words did say
As they slice through my soul
Covering my world in cold grey
Stretching my weak self-control
Shredding my mind from within
Trying so hard here to conceal
The shaking mess under my skin
But the fear shows what I feel

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