Food for Your Ears

“In the Bleachers” by Ash Cooke

The Cathedral cries like a newborn child

And reminds me often

That time goes by so fast sometimes

A cradle then a coffin

But then I heard it cuts to your bones

Oh you’re not lonely you’re just alone

And I should have come to meet ya

You were always in the bleachers waiting for me

I know you didn’t really want to go outside to see him

To take you round the centre of town / oriental museum

You’re looking like a million pounds

And I’m feeling like Ben Franklin

Lightning bolt, electric shock

You’re the key on my kitestring

But there’s a skill that I’ve never mastered

I’ve got a question that needs to be answered

But I never got to ask it

I was underneath the basket waiting for you

I heard you spent your student loan

On a new phone but you never call home

And I never should’ve said it

You were wasting all of your credit on me

Now she says “do you want to leave?”

But he could not decide

He wraps her in his coat

It’s fucking cold outside

He whispers to her

I don’t want to get rich until my lips are turning blue

I don’t want to get sick until I’m sick of what I do

I don’t want to get old unless I’m getting old with you

“Zombies” by Ash Cooke

Have you been pulling on my ventricles?

Have you been squeezing on my lungs?

Have you been tying up my tongue in knots?

Have you been picking out my brain cells one by one?

Oh what a lovely mess

We must have died I guess

But what a perfect night

To come back to life again

I’m dancing with brand new limbs

But they don’t feel quite right

I’m looking underdressed

You’re looking dead lovely tonight

Then I felt like I could disappear

There’s a black hole in my bed

You can give yourself to happiness

Or spend a lifetime with the living dead

As we lay like corpses

On the roof of your car

You turned towards me

Tell me who you are

I’m not an olive branch

I’m not a sewing kit

I’m not a plaster cast

I’m just an oven mitt

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