Cumbersome Lights

Castles creeping through clouds,
We’re water before rain,
The soul has slipped beneath
Yet we’re present all the same.

Can the heart raise
As rocks roll through the waves?
Or words whip through futures
Until the cavern forgets to cave?

Foiled by the figures
That walk from inside you,
Blink for me in a moment
You know I’ll be beside you.

The confusion cannot claim you,
For a fallen scar
When you’re at-one without knowing
Who you are.

The threads of the eye,
Let reality float by
Into flaunted, floundered tales
of Arabian nights;

Here the ocean salt sings
of bitter lands,
And the island shields a fault
Like spaces between hands.

Taughtly tender,
You wouldn’t let me walk
Where you thought that from the falling
Could nothing be taught,

So you wash me instead,
Wishing through a well,
Where each shake births a sky
Or the Hurricane’s humbly swells.

If I am because I think,
Please take the thoughts away,
For being is their thing,
Can I be me for today?

Where the blindness tastes of blue
For blue is but belief
Drain me through and through
Cast each cockle to the reef.

As my slowness’s speeding up
Slip me limpid dreams
Of another’s opened love.

The most musical of must-be
A vulnerable, vacant note
Couched into the corners,
Milled into the moat;

In the cumbersome light
Where the mind’s glassing pain
You’ll take maybe for might
And tattoos for stains.

Where sandpapers shock
The aged aches until lame,
We’ll be present all the same,
In the absence of our names.

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