Chris Kovacs – Poetry

Interlude 1

Strips of paper

Shards of glass

Notes floating from the speaker

Gaga roma-la, gaga oh lala

Glue. acrylic paint. Emotions ablaze

Confess yourself, not here, on the dancefloor.

Drop of blood.

Haiku, my ass.

Fiber of wood, soul from my vein into the paper

Its alive! Frankenstein says.

Thump my ear and clap my heart

Turn the radio off.

Can anybody see the light?

The darkness is the tide falling

Gagaboys and Gagagirls

Blessed are those who suffer

Cockroaches will inherit the earth

We fall into light, razorblades like the night

Falling away like the strips of the pain

Cut up Bibles mixed with the holy Q-

Pandas are sweet

The holy texts of the Bagavad Gita

Die in the name of

We want oil and more trees

The paper soaks it up, the glue is no more

Harder then that which it holds


Will this lattice confuse?

Archaeologist finds a panda!



G sharp ad infinitum.

Awakening 11

Coral-reef spawn-storm

Green hummingbird sips Pollen

Joy! Jetlag at work.

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