A Stony Path I Walk Alone

“Against the moons she does agree that her and I are two…”

A Stony Path I Walk Alone

A stony path I walk alone,
With darkness I do wed.
And all alas to seek a home,
My heart, oh bleak and dead.

I call her name to no avail,
Can’t wait for her reply.
My master plan, doomed to fail.
My hope and dreams do die.

Lion’s blood does quickly boil,
My tempers speed arise.
And all the while a mind in toil,
Disappointment’s new surprise.

But suddenly a splash of light,
Stars solo in the sky.
I hear her words with much delight,
Mouth twisted, pointing high.

Against the moons she does agree
That her and I are two.
And all at once the shadows flee,
A chance for me and you.

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