The Thin (or at least not so fat) Blue Line

What have YOU resolved to do this New Year?

As University Liaison Officer, I feel it is important to constantly try and think of new ways to connect with our student population. Last year saw the introduction of using Twitter to send out information to students and University staff alike. Sometimes I have tried to keep this light hearted, and sometimes it has by necessity been of a more serious nature.

We are now well into a New Year and the over indulgences of Christmas are no more, so it’s time for at least one of my New Year’s resolutions to finally start. The experts say a resolution has to last at least three weeks before it becomes habit, so look out for my update in February.

I’m sure the aim of many people is to be fitter at the beginning of a new year than they were at the end of the previous one, and I am no different. This term I intend to start my own personal ‘get fit’ campaign. However, in an effort to make things a bit different, I hope to get students and staff to sponsor me for at least £1 per person, with all proceeds going to SCA and DUCK. My intention is to lose 4 STONE from now until the end of term and I will let everyone know how much I have lost and how much the charities have gained before the summer vacation starts.

I am sure all will agree that SCA and DUCK do fantastic work, so the more money raised the better. £1 is not a lot to ask but if everyone helps then we can raise a great amount together. I will send out regular updates with how much weight I have lost and will include the odd picture from the local weighbridge!! I will be putting donation boxes around colleges and also hope to organise an account for online donations, so please do your best to help.

It’s your pound for my pounds

Let’s see how much we can collect by June.

Take Care and Stay Safe


Phil Raine

University Liaison Officer

Durham City Police Office

Twitter @DurhamUniPol

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