Reinventing the World: Stoner Civility

There are plenty of ways to feel high without feeding the brutal drugs trade

After writing about the politics, the economics, the spirituality and even the sportive sides of sustainability it is time to talk about that inconvenient truth, that people enjoy feeling high. In simple wording, happier than usual or with deeper thoughts, more alert, relaxed, etc. But then comes all the questioning… is it legal, is it healthy, and is it right?! Opinions and even laws disciplining the usage of chemical substances are all very subjective, as objectively we are constantly inhaling, drinking and eating chemicals of all sorts; regardless whether natural or synthetic, they are all from the same menu, the famous periodic table of chemical elements.

For example, walking around Durham University during exams week is like being in some sort of horror movie with all students caffeinated to the highest possible levels, eating their textbooks as their neurons are electrified by hardcore munchies. Still, coffee is widely accepted and according to American scientist Steven Johnson, the drink is the fountainhead of good ideas, yet, as whimsically shown by French animation Le Café, it can also drive you nuts!

In the 21st century, recreational drugs are outdated. Independent living has no space for legal risks, high costs, and health problems. Besides California’s “Governator” and a few European countries, governments remain inert on the eventual legalization of drugs. Immediate consequences of such attitudes include doubtful quality and purity. A bad trip may worsen if you get caught by the law; no midnight express will get you out of lifetime ostracism. The prices of drugs keep flying, thus contributing to the profitability and adaptability of the drug cartel business model. The illicit substances production cartography has moved from Colombia to Venezuela and is now in Mexico, where mafia families have risen to power manipulating their users’ money and freedom. Eduardo Salcedo Albaran’s narco-trafficking map illustrates the issue. Another good source of information about the drugs behind the scenes is the excellent documentary The Union. However, as we want to change the world, I suggest something different. Take control over your own states of consciousness and replace addiction with mental freedom.

From neuro-linguistic programming to tantric sex techniques and mind apparatuses, there are several ways to get incredibly high while eliminating the undesirable drugs’ sub-products. Through Yoga and Transcendental Meditation it is possible to alter the human mind in the same way as by using Marijuana, hashish, bhang, charas, skunk and THC oil. Martial Arts also provide similar extreme psychological stimulation to cocaine and tobacco.

Adult sex extraverts people like alcohol does and generates freedom and pleasure sensations that are more intense than heroin – without harming the user! How about tantric techniques?! Ever heard of the “karezza”? But sex can be addictive just as radical sports or a good novel. Sometimes you find yourself so hooked up into a book or movie that you must talk to someone about it; otherwise you won’t be able to sleep! The mind runs like a machine, at cycles per second, and depending on the slowing down of the brain cycles you can change your “state of mind”. That is all altered states are!

ALPHA runs at about 9–14 cycles per second and is considered a Hypnotic state which includes: REM, access to memory, Light Trance, Clairvoyance and Clairsentience. BETA runs at about 15–40 cycles per second and is the usual state we are in. THETA runs at five to eight cycles per second and is Yogic and Deep Meditation, and Mediumistic Trance. DELTA is Sleep, typically two to three cycles per second.

First sample is free:

For a Cannabin effect. Easy-peasy. All you need is a very comfortable couch, in a shady atmosphere, far from noise and distractions. Pleasant aromas and instrumental music can be favourable additions. You should wear soft and light clothes and feel thermally comfortable. This is a very powerful exercise and shouldn’t be done standing up as you may fall. You should also avoid doing it lying down as you may fall asleep.

Deeply and effortlessly inhale through your nostrils, mentally counting up to four seconds. Keep your lungs filled with air for another four seconds. Exhale, through your mouth, all the air from your lungs again in four seconds. Keep empty lungs for four seconds. The cycle is finished and should be repeated another 20 times. By now you should already have your horizons pretty expanded. Enjoy as you’ll have about one hour until the return to normality.

For a hallucinogen and psychedelic amphetamines effect. If you ever went on a Joycean trip this could be Finnegan’s Wake’s first chapter, The Fall. You’ll need to place a double size (or bigger) mattress on the ground and surround it with pillows and cushions. You’ll also need two to three buddies.

Stand up with your backs turned to the mattress. Ask your buddies to be at the other sides of the mattress to help you during the fall. Try not to think of anything and feel no fear as the mattress is the limit, a comfy one. Close your eyes and keep them closed. Touch the tip of your tongue against your mouth’s roof. This will connect your body’s central and frontal hemispheres as well as the pituitary gland, the core of your being.

Rhythmically inhale counting to seven, keep the air in your lungs for one second; exhale in seven seconds and keep empty lungs for one second. Well done, you completed a 7–1–7–1 respiratory cycle and you may also choose to do a 6–3–6–3. With one of the chosen techniques complete five respiratory cycles and fall back. Your buddies should only intervene at a distance of two palms before reaching the mattress allowing a relative free-fall. Repeat the exercise at least three times but no more than 20.

Although these exercises may seem like a lunatic’s pastime they do have the power to open a paranormal faculty of your mind called clairvoyance. This is the ability to see images and realities from different planes through your mind’s eyes. Know thyself…

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