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Can the real Nick Clegg please stand up?

Hello everyone, and welcome to my latest update from University Liaison!

I went to see see Tinie Tempah at the Metro Arena last week and had a great time. It’s not my cup of tea really, and I only went as we got tickets for my son’s birthday. The Arena was boiling hot, but thankfully I didn’t ‘PASS OUT’. It was a great night, but don’t tell my son it was no substitute for a STEPS reunion concert !!

Anyway, now the event has been and gone, Tinie Tempah is the Last thing on my mind. I don’t expect to go if he tours next year, but never say never again.

I don’t know if any of you remember Nick Clegg coming to speak at DSU before the last General Election. It is at least 5,6,7,8 months ago but some of you may have gone to see him. It may be better best forgotten but I was over in DSU when he was due to arrive. The DSU ballroom was full and, as it was not a ticket only event, I was asked to stand at the entrance and tell people that if they were coming to see Nick Clegg then the venue was full and they wouldn’t be allowed in. I stood there some time telling people ‘I’m sorry, but if you have come to see Nick Clegg, the room is full and you won’t be allowed in’. After about 20 minutes I was starting to sound like a broken record (CD to you young folk)…’If you have come for Nick Clegg………….’

At that point a group of males approached. I went over to them and said ‘Sorry gentlemen, but if you have come to see Nick Clegg, then it is full’. I then heard a voice from the centre of the group say ‘I AM NICK CLEGG !!’ Well I could feel my heartbeat increase and I am sure I went a deeper shade of blue. I replied ‘Well you are obviously popular Nick as the room is full’. We all had a good laugh as Nick went off to the ballroom to speak to the waiting masses. I’m pleased he didn’t feel the need to stomp and there was no chain reaction after his speech.

Well, that was several months ago and I want to talk about the here and now. Without being political, and I may be speaking after the love has gone, but I’ll now let you know what has been going on over the last few weeks (without any ‘Steps’ puns!!):

  • The dark nights are here, so please lock doors and windows, and when going out close the curtains and leave a light on. Consider using a timer switch to give the impression someone is in the room. If riding a bike, get some lights on.
  • I am still dealing with numerous complaints from residents about noise. The main areas concerned are Crossgate, Viaduct area, The Avenue, Parkside (near the approach to the railway station), Prebends Bridge Cottage. Please try and walk through these areas quietly. Noise travels easy in the city, and not everyone appreciates being woken up in the early hours. Try and show consideration to other people who live in Durham.
  • Bikes are still being targeted around the city and in college grounds. Please continue to lock them with a good quality lock in a designated secure place. Also, get your bike security marked. Let me know if you want me to call at your house or college to do this.
  • On 28.10.11 there was a robbery at the University shop at Josephine Butler college. Anyone who witnessed the incident or saw anything suspicious between 8.30am and 9am should contact the police on 03456060365.
  • There have been several incidents reported recently of items being thrown from passing vehicles, particularly on South road. If you experience a similar incident, please try and get a description/ and let me know as soon as possible after the event.
  • From 4pm on Wednesday 2nd November I will be processing ID4U cards. Anyone wanting a card can pick an application form up at the police office and then bring it along, with a passport or photo driving licence, on Wednesday afternoon.
  • There is a charity rugby match on at the Rugby club on Wednesday evening. Come along, say hello, and have a great night.
  • Have a great time on Halloween, but drink sensibly, think of others, think of your own safety, and think of your security

Lock up, behave yourselves and stay safe!!


P.S. What sound does a grape make when an elephant stands on it?

None. It just lets out a little wine!!

Phil Raine

University Liaison Officer

Durham City Police Office

Twitter @DurhamUniPol

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