Once Upon A Time, I Washed My Curtains

It is that time of the year when we feel the unstoppable urge to dedicate all our writing to revision (or in other words, avoiding revision). The skill of those who write is put it to the test: how do we assemble yet another list of stress-less tips, or narrate entertaining stories on the most incredible methods of procrastination? This is certainly a ‘trending’ topic in The Bubble, Palatinate, and yes, our Facebook feeds. So, let’s not ‘follow’.

Never mind skilful journalism; any future employer who googles my Bubble columns will be less than impressed anyway. Since it is rumoured that an image can speak a thousand words, the DU Happiness Society presents: imagine the time when you still felt passionate about your degree, imagine if you were not revising right now…

… you could take a break.

… you could eat a cake.

… you could be having a picnic. Indoors.

… you could be chasing bunnies.

… you could be reading lovely notes while making use of the toilet facilities in the DSU.


You could wash your curtains. (I admit that this did happen on a particularly spectacular afternoon of procrastination.) You could give your favourite lecturer flowers. You could provide DUCK with the craziest fund-raising idea yet. You could explore the various uses of the study rooms in the new section of the library (not that I am encouraging anything of course). You could buy that friend who really needs it a cup of coffee. You could skip down your college corridor. You could venture out to say hello to the sheep in the fields bordering the Durham Bubble. You could cuddle up with a blanket and listen to the rain (because inevitably, it will rain in Durham). You could invent an absolutely ridiculous new drinking game.

These are some suggestions; not to procrastinate, but to make the most of your time in Durham. On Sundays Happy Soc attempts to fashion ‘Homemade Happiness’ e-mails: moments Durham students capture of their weekly happy adventures. Do send in your own photos to us as well! (… keeping in mind that unfortunately some happy things ought not to be photographed, or are illegal.) Next time the Happy column may discuss hopes for the future of Syria, or the impact of Obama’s opinion on homosexuality. For now, I will keep it short. For now, just do something Happy.

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