I’ve Got the Old Timer Blues

Time quickly catches up with all

So guys the time has come. You can now refer to me as ancient, in education terms…obviously. Yes you guessed it; I’ve reached my point of ripeness and am about to be eaten by the big bad world. A third year. Wow.

With a world ranking of 80 and graduate prospect scores of 79.5%, just what have I got to worry about? Nothing according to certain family members of mine, so this begs me to think, why do I not believe them?

A very long awaited welcome to my fabulous crew of readers, I am alive and am back with some exciting columns lined up. But, before I get too eager beaver and reveal all (revealing my column idea, nothing else guys) lets discuss the worries when flying the comfy, student loaned nest of university.

Now, the other day, the University put on a very informative talk about personal statements and CV’s. Personally, I found it useful, however, it did make me realize I don’t actually have a CV and I actually need to get my life sorted. If like me, you’re in this position of feeling like a rabbit in the headlights, then the main point is please do something about it before crying yourself to sleep because you’ve got a job interview tomorrow and you’ve realized you do not have a CV. Both Durham and Queens Campus have an online booking system for the Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre found here https://careers.dur.ac.uk/student/home.html. If, however, you’re too busy to make a visit, then whack up a Google search page and search for CV templates and examples. There are loads out there to give you an idea of what to say, but don’t just copy it – you don’t want to be asked about that waste disposal job that you didn’t do last summer.

It’s your last year of freedom, so broaden your horizons and do some extra-curricular activities. I have just done a short course in sign language and loved it so much I want to continue it further, but it will run into my first year of teaching (yes, I’m such a lucky lady). So, don’t do an Emma, and make sure you do things now so when it’s time to apply for jobs, you’ve got lots of (laminated) certificates to show. Ooo shiny. New activities will look great on your CV and if you’re into sports it may help you burn off any summer fat before Christmas. It’s a win-win!

Remember for interviews, love yourself. Now we’re not talking Katie Hopkin love yourself here, but we are talking about boasting about your skills and previous experiences and how this has helped you advance as a person.

Make sure you know your stuff before going to an interview because the most cringe worthy thing would be if you’re discussing politics and are asked what labor is, and you say giving birth. These things happen, just make sure it is not going to happen to you, no matter how hilarious it may seem afterwards.

Most importantly though, it’s the last year so have fun and work hard. After all, you haven’t just done 3–5 years at University for nothing have you? Just remember not to get too horrifically drunk that you can’t remember the whole year. That may be slightly devastating; if not for you but for your parents when they’ve asked what you’ve been up to. My advice for third year, get your dissertation done and out the window before hand-in because then you have time to chill while everyone else is going prematurely bald.

Lastly, if you’re not a third year, I envy you right now. But take on board these tips; if anything they may make you get a CV done and start thinking of extra-curricular activities. Alternatively, it may make you scream ‘why’ repeatedly to the sky.

Well, before I bore you all to death with my sensibility, here are my top tips for becoming an old timer:

1) Do your CV right now. If anything it will save you thinking about it on the day of the application deadline for your dream job.

2) Get yourself into gear! Do that volunteering at dogs trust you’ve wanted to do for years – you only live once, eh?

3) Have fun! Step back from work every now and then; all work and no play will make you a very unhappy person. I speak from experience!

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