How to survive… the Holiday Blues!

Please consider this a last resort!

It’s that time again: Tired eyes, annoying colds and praying to baby Jesus for the weekend to come around quicker. Yes, you’ve got it! No more holidays and another god knows how many months of torturous work before the next month long lie in bonanza. But, with weeks of lectures to go until then, I know it is not just me who is blagging their way through work and hoping that it is sufficient enough to get at least a 2:1.

Happy new year and welcome to this week’s edition of my fantabulous column – How to survive…Holiday Blues. With most of us having a reality check over the Christmas holiday, some pupils may have decided that their course wasn’t for them and may not return. For the rest of us who do, what hope do we have left?! Do not fear, I offer here my advice, for my ever so lovely readers. So take a deep breath, take pity on my horrific jokes and read on as I attempt to make excuses for universities for making us get up at half past seven in the morning.

Firstly, do not give up. This is speaking from experience… possible madness also, but mostly experience. University is one of the most gruelling things we will ever conquer in our lives, filled full of ‘exciting’ lectures and constant assessing (there is some positives in there somewhere…). But everything that we want to achieve in life isn’t going to be as easy as pie, and we knew this before we came to university. Just remember, when you wake up on a Monday morning wishing that you hadn’t left that essay until last minute and had to stay awake until 3 in the morning to finish it; there’s only 4 more days to go until the next mammoth duvet day. If that isn’t a nice thought, then I genuinely am not sure if you are human.

On the other hand, the positives about coming back from a holiday is that you are not sat at home all day eating. I don’t know about you, but I genuinely feel like I have put on around a stone over Christmas. Yes, okay, so this was also confirmed by my delightful bathroom scales, but we won’t go into the whole doctor’s appointment where I got called fat and short scenario. Mentally scarred. On a serious note though, it always feels nice to get into a routine at times because then you know where you stand in life (and also it allows you to actually do something productive with your day in my case). University is a great way to get your brain back into gear and if not for anything else, at least it will remind you what date it is and what year we have now entered into.

I always find that also holidays are pretty awful TV wise. I think over these Christmas holidays I have seen every single episode of Jeremy Kyle going and this is not a good thing. I mean, Christmas Eve and there was no Christmas films on, I was slightly heartbroken. But, to illiterate the point here, getting back into the swing of things means that you’re actually doing something useful with your life. You’re getting up and about, and not sat crying into your box set of friends questioning why it ever ended and wishing you were Chandler. It happens.

Well, it’s that time again guys, my conclusion to the story, the end of a rant and a time to reflect on life’s greatest wonders. University isn’t so bad. If nothing it gives us a social life and makes us look like super intellectual individuals, which for people like myself is a hard look to pull off outside of university. So grab your books, wipe the sleep from your eyes, and feed yourself up on energy drinks because you’re half the way through the next year of university. If I haven’t already told you all you need to survive, feast your eyes on these delightful top tips for beating the blues:

  1. Keep in touch with people you were with over the holiday period – this will help keep you sane but will also remind you that you did actually have a life a couple of weeks ago.
  2. Work your socks off – try to get everything done as soon as you get back. This may mean tired times for the first 2 weeks, but then it means nice relaxing times for the rest of the term. I know, I’m too nerdy for life.
  3. Treasure your weekends – grab a bite to eat with friends, lay off the work and lie in like you’ve never laid in before. If anything, our lives can be restored in the two days we have off, sleep-wise anyway!

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