Act Responsibly Over Christmas Or Yule Be Sorry

Someone’s on the naughty list

As we come towards the end of term, I find myself having to deal with incidents relating to a small minority of our students. The vast majority of over 16,000 Durham students behave impeccably, but a small minority have sadly overstepped the mark.

Recently there have been several incidents reported where vehicles have been surrounded by groups of people in the Owengate / Bailey areas of the city. The group have then gone on to hammer on the bodywork and windows of the car while the driver is sat inside. Obviously, this behaviour in very frightening for the vehicle occupants and I’m sure you will agree it is unacceptable. The offenders have been described as males aged approximately between 19 and 21 years and it looks likely that they are students. I do hope that this is not the case and enquiries are ongoing to try and identify those responsible.

I am also dealing with complaints from local residents relating to noise. This has consisted of noisy house parties and also shouting / chanting as students return home after a night in the city. This can often be in the early hours of the morning, and some of those woken have to get up for work, so a good night’s sleep is very important.

I must thank the vast majority of our students who are an excellent advert for the University. They do a great amount of good work and our city would be a worse place without them.

For the few who are spoiling things, please try and show more consideration to others. Don’t damage your future because of one moment of madness. Remember there are consequences to your actions and your lack of thought can have a drastic effect on other peoples’ lives, as well as your own.

Thanks very much for your help and Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Don’t forget to remove your valuables while you are away and lock windows and doors.

On a festive note, here’s my Christmas Song for you (to the tune of ‘Jingle Bells’):

Dashing through the Streets,

Off to have a drink in town,

Down the hill we run,

Some in cap and gown.

We want you to have fun,

And to have a real good time,

But be sensible when you return,

Keep behaviour right in line.


Common sense, common sense,

Use it every day.

Lock doors and windows up each night,

And keep the thieves away.

Common sense, common sense,

Remember those asleep,

When you come back in the early hours,

Please don’t make a peep!!

Christmas time is here,

And term is nearly done,

Formals to attend,

Stay up to see the sun.

Think of those next door,

Who have to go to work,

I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate,

Being woken up by a burk!

(Repeat Chorus)

So as you leave your rooms,

Remove valuables from sight,

Lock your things away,

Or they might just take flight.

Have a safe ride home,

And enjoy your Christmas vacation,

But don’t forget, before you go,

Leave my present at the police station!

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