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Pierre Cordier – Dedalogram VThe View From NowhereCameraless photography perhaps sounds at first like a contradiction in terms. How can you produce a photograph without a camera? But in fact the history of photography began before the history of cameras – that arrangement of lens, plate and housing that allows for production of a focused image with the illusion of perspective. The first true photographic images were made in the 1830s by William Henry Fox Talbot by casting shadows on to photographically-sensitized paper. The resultant kind of photograph is referred to as a photogram. Such techniques were, for instance …

To Deprave and Corrupt: Censorship, Videotape, and the Hollywood Remake

Michael Surman looks at parallels between the contemporary actions of the BBFC, in relation to the recently released A Serbian Film, and the “Video Nasty” censorship controversy of the ’80s, with particular reference to the infamous cult horror film of that period, Cannibal Holocaust.