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Articles tagged “media”

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Hashtags and Heartbreaks: Women in Popular Media

“While it is true that there are strong women out there writing empowering songs, they tend to be put on the backburner in favor of another sad guy with a guitar who got his heart broken.”

As a third year English student, I don’t often have much downtime to do the things I enjoy. So when the opportunity to go to a concert in London arose, I grabbed one of my friends, jumped on a train, and never looked back. Now, I’ve been to an overwhelming amount of concerts in my lifetime, mostly when I was younger and …

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0 comments | Tags: women, female, women's rights, gender, gender equality, music, rock music, concert, media, male, discrimination, Internet, social media

Media’s Smears on Corbyn’s Foreign Policy Deceived Me- Here’s How I Recovered

“Once I read more, Corbyn’s critique of Western foreign policy looked neither naïve nor simplistic.”

Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour Party contest by advocating for an anti-war stance (alongside a genuine anti-austerity platform), the result of many years spent as chair for the Campaign against Nuclear Disarmament and campaigning for Human rights: David Cameron directly challenged him as a “terrorist-sympathiser, Britain-hating” rhetorician over Corbyn’s criticism of Osama Bin Laden’s extrajudicial killing; Labour “moderate” MPs, including Andy Burnham, have threatened mutiny when he hinted at his opposition to ever use Trident. David Cameron even went …

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0 comments | Tags: politics, jeremy corbyn, Britain, British, media, criticism, Journalism

‘Tis Not Eurocentrism that Affords Paris More Attention than Beirut, but the Greater Interest in the Rare than in the Commonplace

“The disparity between coverage of the two events strikes me as being much simpler to explain, though, without recourse to cries of “imperialism” or “hypocrisy”“

Like, I suspect, a great many people in Europe, I was unaware of the suicide bombings that took place in Beirut, killing approximately 40 people, the day before the wave of terrorist attacks that hit Paris. I only found out about them after reading a slew of angry comments on Facebook criticising the fact that the Beirut bombings received nowhere near as much media coverage as the Paris massacres. The disparity between media coverage of …

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0 comments | Tags: terror, people, social media, attack, Beirut, Terrorism, international relations, politics, Paris, media, Facebook

Je Suis Humain

“We, as citizens of the world, should not be afraid by either extremism or media reports, but stand firm, consider every extremist attack as personal and shout “Je suis humain” (“I am human”).”

Time: 8.30 p.m. Location: Paris, France

The first of 7 explosions takes place at Stade de France, something which marked the beginning of an admittedly horrible night for France. Two and a half hours later, the French President, François Holland, places France under a state of emergency. At 1:40 a.m. all attackers are believed to be dead. The aftermath: 129 dead, 352 injured …

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0 comments | Tags: Paris, Beirut, extremism, death, peace, human rights, Crisis, media, society, Community, people, violence, political crisis, politics

An Interview with Stevie Ronnie

Blue Glacier by Stevie Ronnie

Hi Stevie – thanks for joining us! First things first, you’ve been commissioned by Durham Book Festival especially to create Arctica, after spending a residency in the High Arctic. Can you tell us a little about the project?

It all began around the age of twelve when my nana handed me a copy of a 1941 Readers Union edition of Kabloona, the account of French Nobleman Gontran de Poncin’s trip to the Canadian Arctic in the 1930’s. After reading that little book I was left with a strong desire to visit this remote and …

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1 comment | Tags: Durham Book Festival, Stevie Ronnie, Arctic, climate change, environmentalism, spoken word, poetry, visual art, photography, video, education, young people, The North, media, digital, The Writing Squad

When the Famous Take on the Environment

Celebrity faces in the ‘Show the Love’ campaign

“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone they paved paradise and put up a parking lot” – Joni Mitchell, ‘Big Yellow Taxi’

After publishing an article on the stigma attached to the term ‘environmentalist,’ I was asked how I thought more people could be encouraged to engage in environmental issues. There are a few textbook answers that came to my head: education, campaigning, media… We need hard facts if we are to be encouraged to make cuts to our hard earned materialistic lifestyles and …

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0 comments | Tags: shark, public engagement, Show the Love, Fish Fight, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Leonardo DiCaprio, overfishing, environmental policy, celebrity culture, celebrity chef, campaigning, oceans, Tiger, elephant, United Nations, extinction, deforestation, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, ecosystem, environmentalism, media, environment, education, climate change, celebrity, campaign

Saying Goodbye to Glee

“Shows like Glee challenge me to work harder at broadening my scale of acceptance”

I had a rather melancholy end to my Easter vacation. Apart from the usual tears at leaving my family, and the torment of having my synapses chafed by the impending examinations, I was plagued by another loss. Glee has ended, for good. I can no longer indulge in my weekly hour of pure, unadulterated high school drama, a medley of music and moody teenage angst.

I admit I am a television infidel. No fictional series has ever sustained my interest, and I flit from one show …

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0 comments | Tags: Glee, media, Television, opinion, Easter, Musical Theatre, relationships, social acceptability, Love

Is celebrity culture an unhealthy obsession?

Harmless media-driven culture or unhealthy obsession?

We live in a media-saturated, celebrity-obsessed society. This is nothing new; we only have to look back to the Beatlemania phase of the 1960s to see something which can easily be likened to the fans of One Direction today. However this celebrity obsession appears to have been sensationalised in modern society and is more visible due to the instant delivery of celebrity gossip through a web of social media. There is no denying that this culture thrives in the United Kingdom and surely we must question whether this is healthy. I am …

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0 comments | Tags: celebrities, celebrity, celebrity culture, media, social media, obsession, charity, Katie Hopkins, Kardashians, Jeremy Clarkson, One Direction, Zayn Malik, fame, Facebook, sensationalism, fans, fanfiction, employment

Thoughtcrime and doublespeak: do we live in an Orwellian society?

George Orwell’s dystopian novels resonate throughout the years

The term ‘Orwellian’ has long been part of our language. First coined by Mary McCarthy in the 1950s, it serves as a literary warning about the society we live in. Orwell, even writing over seventy years ago, had a way of predicting the future in his novels Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm that conjure up chilling similarities between the dystopian states he described and our country as it is today. But what exactly does the word ‘Orwellian’ entail? And how far is it applicable to the country in which we live? Well …

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1 comment | Tags: George Orwell, 1984, animal farm, dystopia, room 101, doublethink, thoughtcrime, totalitarianism, Soviet Union, media, surveillance, Nazi, Stalin, homage to catalonia, monitoring, warning

The Horrible Problem of Hatred

Can any degree of violence be considered ‘justified’ in the media?

Man, there’s a lot of violence out there. Stupendous, stupefying, insane amounts of violence. Only earlier today, I rose above the carnage of the French Revolution by dispensing with petty political differences and instead murdering everyone who happened to be holding a sword in Paris. Then, I saw two Mongol warlords whale on each other with massive weapons until one of them just straight up cut the other’s head off. That’s a lot of death to stomach before lunch.

Of course, I’m talking about Assassin’s Creed Unity and the …

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0 comments | Tags: video games, gamergate, opinion, assassin's creed, violence, feminism, The Last of Us, Diablo III, controversy, media, humour
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