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Articles tagged “media”

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Thoughtcrime and doublespeak: do we live in an Orwellian society?

George Orwell’s dystopian novels resonate throughout the years

The term ‘Orwellian’ has long been part of our language. First coined by Mary McCarthy in the 1950s, it serves as a literary warning about the society we live in. Orwell, even writing over seventy years ago, had a way of predicting the future in his novels Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm that conjure up chilling similarities between the dystopian states he described and our country as it is today. But what exactly does the word ‘Orwellian’ entail? And how far is it applicable to the country in which we live? Well …

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1 comment | Tags: George Orwell, 1984, animal farm, dystopia, room 101, doublethink, thoughtcrime, totalitarianism, Soviet Union, media, surveillance, Nazi, Stalin, homage to catalonia, monitoring, warning

The Horrible Problem of Hatred

Can any degree of violence be considered ‘justified’ in the media?

Man, there’s a lot of violence out there. Stupendous, stupefying, insane amounts of violence. Only earlier today, I rose above the carnage of the French Revolution by dispensing with petty political differences and instead murdering everyone who happened to be holding a sword in Paris. Then, I saw two Mongol warlords whale on each other with massive weapons until one of them just straight up cut the other’s head off. That’s a lot of death to stomach before lunch.

Of course, I’m talking about Assassin’s Creed Unity and the …

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0 comments | Tags: video games, gamergate, opinion, assassin's creed, violence, feminism, The Last of Us, Diablo III, controversy, media, humour

New Year… New You?

The New Year brings new resolutions for a better you.

The familiar catchphrase “new year, new you” seems to have enshrouded the holiday cheer, asserting its presence shortly after the peak of festive frivolity. It is a recurrent message that resonates with us at the same time every year. I view this catchphrase as I would a relative whom I meet only at Christmas every year- with a paradoxical mixture of apathy and anxiety. The media makes it its prerogative to mobilise us into action, challenging us to reinvent ourselves for the upcoming year. The advent of a new year …

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0 comments | Tags: New Year, New Year's resolution, fitness, dieting, tesco, psychology, Christmas, forbes, media, health, opinion

Insect-eating students win trip to the Amazon

Sam Shuttleworth (left) and Finlay Milner (right) celebrate their victory

Two engineering students from St Mary’s College, who promoted the eating of insects as part of their project, Student Grub, have won a trip to the Amazon after securing victory in the npower Future Leaders Challenge 2014.

Finlay Milner and Sam Shuttleworth promoted the environmental and economic benefits of eating insects in the UK as part of the competition, which challenges students to help people reduce the amount of energy they use.

They will go to the Brazilian side of the Amazon rainforest in June 2015, to help the Huni …

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0 comments | Tags: student grub, edible insects, prize, award, insects, environmentalism, students, media, food, environment, Durham University, campaign, Amazon

Rise of the Big Butt

‘Cause my body’s too bootylicious for you babe’

It seems as though mainstream culture has a new obsession: people cannot stop talking about curvy butts. This phenomenon is something that has been developing for a while now, the apex to date being the release of ‘Booty’ by Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea, a video which has over 54 million Youtube views, likely due the video’s almost exclusive filming of their bums, rather than the song itself. The song almost reached a level of parody, with lyrics such as ‘I’m queen big booty Iggy, now find me a bone …

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1 comment | Tags: Kim Kardashian, twerking, Nicky Minaj, social media, rap, popular culture, popular music, sex, media

World Mental Health Day: The Truth About Schizophrenia

Why are there misguided perceptions surrounding schizophrenia?

It is World Mental Health Day today (10th October 2014) and this year there is a prominent focus on schizophrenia. So, let’s try to raise a little awareness about this illness.

One thing that shocks me about society today is that even though our knowledge of mental illness continues to grow, the ignorant comments continue to occur. When I say schizophrenic what comes to your mind? A killer? Someone who has split personality? Well, you’d be wrong. Although the general media would make you think otherwise, most schizophrenics are no longer …

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1 comment | Tags: World Mental Health Day, schizophrenia, auditory hallucination, paranoia, mental health, psychology, stereotypes, media

An Interview with Linda France

‘Writing poetry is walking that knife blade, as Kafka said, dripping with honey.’

To what extent would you say your poetry is rooted in the North East, in its landscape and language? What impact would you say your temporary dislocation from the North – as described in ‘North and South’ – had on your writing?

The move South when I was five, my language faculty still not fully formed, tore out my tongue at its roots. After that, words were never stable, reliable forms, but tantalisingly seemed to flaunt the posibility of clarity and resolution in my face. Writing poetry is walking …

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0 comments | Tags: Kafka, Botanical Gardens, National Poetry Competition, influence, collaboration, North and South, Linda France, poet, language, language, Durham Town Hall, interview, words, poetry, media, Durham Book Festival, MacNeice, W. H. Auden

Taylor Swift’s Feminist Awakening

“Now it is time to celebrate Taylor Swift”

I can’t say I spend great amounts of time thinking about Taylor Swift. I mean, yes, forced exposure has left me knowing some words to some songs – I’ve got the chorus to ‘We are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ lodged in my head as I write, despite the Bombay Bicycle Club blasting from my speakers. And yes, I raged along with the rest of the internet when Lord Crazy, Kanye West stormed the stage during her award acceptance, but it was Kanye who was my main focus (as I am sure …

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0 comments | Tags: feminism, Taylor Swift, media, Beyonce, Kayne West, Ellen Page, misconceptions, opinion

Crisps, Crohn’s and Confounded Correlations

Are junk food and antibiotics really responsible for Crohn’s disease?

Repeat after me: correlation is not causation, correlation is not causation, correlation is not causation. Has it quite sunk in yet? If not, rinse and repeat until you feel confident about this fact and then you’re welcome to continue on. The age old battle between scientists and the media about the difference between correlation and causation is one which many scientists bemoan, particularly when it falls within their own line of research. However, this issue expands beyond academia and one only has to look to the tabloids to see …

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0 comments | Tags: diet, medical science, science and the public, social media, science, media


Consent is sexy after all

The tragic news of the Isla Vista shooting near the University of California, Santa Barbara on the 23rd May left me reeling. Yet again a senseless act of violence committed by a person with more access to firearms than to mental health services. I felt a mixture of immense sadness, frustration, and helplessness. Then the shooter’s motive came to light: raging misogyny. Misogyny so powerful it compelled him to write a 140-page manifesto filled with the most dehumanising hatred, before driving to a sorority house to kill women.

As I read news story after news …

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2 comments | Tags: sexual assault, Misogyny, twitter, social media, domestic violence, sexism, rape, media, Facebook, #YesAllWomen
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