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Articles tagged “media”

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Crisps, Crohn’s and Confounded Correlations

Are junk food and antibiotics really responsible for Crohn’s disease?

Repeat after me: correlation is not causation, correlation is not causation, correlation is not causation. Has it quite sunk in yet? If not, rinse and repeat until you feel confident about this fact and then you’re welcome to continue on. The age old battle between scientists and the media about the difference between correlation and causation is one which many scientists bemoan, particularly when it falls within their own line of research. However, this issue expands beyond academia and one only has to look to the tabloids to see …

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Consent is sexy after all

The tragic news of the Isla Vista shooting near the University of California, Santa Barbara on the 23rd May left me reeling. Yet again a senseless act of violence committed by a person with more access to firearms than to mental health services. I felt a mixture of immense sadness, frustration, and helplessness. Then the shooter’s motive came to light: raging misogyny. Misogyny so powerful it compelled him to write a 140-page manifesto filled with the most dehumanising hatred, before driving to a sorority house to kill women.

As I read news story after news …

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2 comments | Tags: sexual assault, Misogyny, twitter, social media, domestic violence, sexism, rape, media, Facebook, #YesAllWomen

Sexual Objectification: Not An Exclusively Female Phenomenon?

“Men are becoming increasingly aware of how they look”

Sexual objectification is a topic that has been hotly debated recently, but only within its connection to feminism and objectification of women.

But what if I were to turn this concept on its head and suggest that it is men that are being sexually objectified? On the one hand, I cannot deny that there seems to be more evidence of women being treated like sex objects and I must emphasise that I am speaking from a specifically Occidental point of view. On the other hand, recently, I have seen more and …

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0 comments | Tags: Sexual Objectification, fitness, media, health, feminism

A la Recherche du Temps Perdu? Try Spritzing!

A Spritz in time saves nine…

Define “spritz”: v., to squirt or spray a liquid (information) at or on to something (someone) in quick short bursts…

Tired of spending hours reading never-ending emails and endless journals for seminars?

Spritz has the answer to all your problems, or so it claims. This new technology can apparently gradually increase reading speed from 220 words per minute (wpm) to 600wpm, allowing you to read 1,000 pages in just 10 hours. You can test this claim by logging onto their website (, where you will find a very convincing demo …

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China’s struggle for control over information flow

Freedom for newspapers to report in Hong Kong may be under threat

Kevin Lau, former chief editor of prominent Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao, was critically wounded in an assault many see as an act of suppressing the freedom of the press. On the following Sunday, March 2, thousands of journalists and citizens rallied near the Hong Kong government complex to denounce the violence against one of Hong Kong’s major contributors to journalism.

“They can’t kill us all,” reads the banner. Despite the lack of conclusive evidence that the assault has connections with the government, the public fears …

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0 comments | Tags: Kevin Lau, Ai Weiwei, Press Regulations, Hong Kong, China, Journalism, media, Internet, censorship

Attractiveness: an equal concern for men and women?

Even Jennifer Lawrence isn’t safe from the vitriol of the attractiveness police.

If you pay any attention to the media at all, you might have realized that we’re now smack dab in the middle of what is known as the awards season. It’s basically the few months where the majority of the annual music, movie, and television awards shows take place, culminating in the most prestigious awards show of the bunch, the Academy Awards. Throughout the season, celebrities are scrutinized for every single thing they do – their acceptance speech, the number of awards they’ve been nominated …

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0 comments | Tags: attractiveness, Academy Awards, student life, media, feminism, equality, careers

What springs to mind when you think of the word ‘heroes’?

Are we attracted to a new type of hero?

Possibly 10 years ago it might have been the ‘underwear on the outside’, caped, mysterious figure who flies from disaster to disaster saving the damsels in distress and defeating the ‘baddies’. Or the suave, tuxedo wearing, ‘James Bond-esque’ type who drives from disaster to disaster ‘saving’ the damsel in distress and defeating the ‘baddies’.

However, as the years have continued it seems our idea of a hero has dramatically altered. Or has it?

These days, TV ratings appear to show how the intellectual, border-line neurotic characters are becoming the …

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0 comments | Tags: Sherlock, James Bond, Television, superhero, stereotypes, Steven Moffat, childhood, Doctor Who, Benedict Cumberbatch, media, BBC

Here’s To Critical Dialogue

Reports Robin Thicke has had his surname changed to include the hashtag symbol go unconfirmed

Lately we have been bombarded by poignant blog entries, witty tweets, and boisterous Facebook statuses revolving around the controversial lyrics of Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’. The world hadn’t seen so well articulated feminists since the times of de Beauvoir, or so passionate liberals since Voltaire was around. Everybody rushed to the barricades of their preferred side and started crafting bulletproof, heartfelt opinions about the song. Me? I was loving it! Not the song, but the fact that people were, in one way or …

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0 comments | Tags: Blurred Lines, music charts, Robin Thicke, society, media

DBF Review: Jeremy Vine: It’s All News to Me

Jeremy Vine has had a colourful career as an “eminent media all-rounder”.

Jeremy Vine’s distinguished career has ranged from working for regional newspapers, being the BBC’s Africa correspondent, presenting on Newsnight and, now, hosting his Radio 2 show; with a shooting in Bosnia, dressing up in disguise so as not to get lynched by Jimmy Young fans, and run-ins with various panjandrums scattered throughout. Given this, it is unsurprising that the broadcaster has recently had a book published to mark his 25 years at the BBC. He certainly has a lot to say, and judging by …

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0 comments | Tags: Graeme Thompson, It's all News to Me, Newsnight, Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2, media, BBC, Africa

Stop Horsing Around?

Horsemeat: could you spot the difference?

It appears that the horsemeat scandal has swept the tabloids of the nation. But two fundamental questions still linger: what does it tell us? And why should we care?

Without a doubt, the scandal has evoked mixed feelings. Certainly, the false packaging of processed foods has left many consumers feeling deceived, disgruntled and perhaps rather disturbed as to which other foodstuffs are also incorrectly labelled, or contain traces of unwelcome substances. As Hubbard rightly addresses, consumers are in no doubt that the quality of the meat in the post (Klute) Friday night kebab probably …

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0 comments | Tags: Processed food, Contamination, Consumer attitudes, Supply chains, Horsemeat scandal, media, food
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