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Articles tagged “coffee”

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Review: Crook Hall and Gardens Café

Crook Hall & Gardens Café

Judging by the non-plussed response we had from our friends when we mentioned that we were reviewing the new café at Crook Hall, the majority of the student population is yet to discover the delights of this beautiful, 13th-century Medieval hall & gardens. Tucked just back from the river, past the Radisson and about a five minute walk from Claypath, it’s very close to the centre of town and we really recommend you try it out.

As luck would have it, Crook Hall has just completed its new café, which sells all homemade cakes, sandwiches, wraps and

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0 comments | Tags: mezze, victoria sponge, lunch, afternoon tea, Crook Hall, tearoom, cake, cafes, summer, garden, English, coffee, tea, food

Review of the Week: Esquires

In a nutshell: It’s a straightforward coffee shop, without feeling too much like a large chain.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 7 – 6:30, Sunday 8:30 – 6

Dishes to try: Esquires has a range of sandwiches, cakes and drinks

Best feature: Close proximity to the viaduct, some of the latest café opening hours in Durham, big tables upstairs (and wifi!) perfect for group study sessions, and mugs of tea so massive they give you two teabags. Two!

Worst feature: When busy the upstairs can get fairly noisy

Relevant offers: Collect stamps for a free coffee

Complete article

0 comments | Tags: Durham, City Guide, coffee, hot chocolate, hot drinks, cake, cupcake, smoothie, cafes

Cafes: go local

For the best quality drinks and food, head to independent cafes – plentiful in Durham

I will begin with a confession. As an infant, my first word was not ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’ but ‘Frappuccino’. Whilst most people’s childhood holidays were planned around where there were good seasides, playgrounds and theme parks, mine were taken according to where there were the most Starbucks, Costa Coffees and Café Neros. Most children were weaned on milk and rusks; my diet was of ‘babycinos’ (cappuccinos for children for those of you not in the know; basically hot frothed milk) and lemon and poppy seed …

Complete article

0 comments | Tags: Vennels Café, sandwiches, hot drinks, Local, cake, cafes, coffee, tea, food

Cup Sizes

As a student in Durham, a trip to Tesco on the Bailey is rather inevitable. As a student, it is also natural to be drawn to the highly nutritional, energy-providing, brightly coloured section of Tesco that is the Pick and Mix aisle, or, as they affectionately call it, the “Pick’n’Mix” zone. So you can imagine our dismay when during our perusal, what appears a trivial thing disturbed our picking and mixing experience. To me, the presence of both a “medium” size and an “extra-large” cup, and indeed the apparent lack of understanding as to the meaning …

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0 comments | Tags: sizes, cups, coffee

Winston Churchill is Dead

Revelation shocks the academic community

In a new book, controversial historian Steve (pronounced “Neill”) Sigardusson contends that former First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill is no longer among the living. I interviewed him, in a café of his choosing, to find out more.

I’m sat in De Gracy’s Tearooms, a snug, posh place on one of Cambridge’s main streets, the sort of place that would make you glad it was a Sunday afternoon if indeed it was a Sunday afternoon. My interviewee is late. He has told me in advance this might happen: he is coming …

Complete article

0 comments | Tags: history, Winston Churchill, Historian, coffee, tearoom

Exam, Coffee, Sufis, and Yemen

The humble cup of coffee: an invaluable aide to exam revision and soul purification.

As I sit here in the library at half eight, wired on double espresso (and doubtless will be for another four hours), I am very conscious that my procrastination has gone to new extremes. However as most of Durham’s students are in the exact same position, I am going to endeavour to provide you with some more procrastination material! Have you ever wondered where your double espresso came from?

Everywhere you turn in Durham, there is an Italian café or restaurant, but it was not …

Complete article

0 comments | Tags: Yemen, revision, coffee, mysticism, Islam

Correlation, Causation and Coffee

Does coffee really prevent depression?

You may have noticed that there was a fuss in the media over the summer about the relationship between coffee and depression. “Coffee is good for you” screamed the Daily Mail. The Guardian insisted on “Why drinking coffee makes women full of beans“. Even the BBC ran with the headline “Coffee may prevent depression, scientists say”. As you may be able to tell, this story was of course based on a study which came to the exact conclusions the headlines stated: that coffee was brilliant at protecting women against depression.

Just kidding.

The study in

Complete article

0 comments | Tags: statistics, coffee, media

Newcastle: The Eating Guide

Newcastle’s High Level Bridge.

One of my stock rejoinders to the question “isn’t Durham a bit small?” is “well, perhaps, but Newcastle is nearby”. This is normally met with a slight backwards tilt of the head and a quiet “ahhh, mmm” and the issue is closed. The problem with this came however when I gave this reply to someone from the city in question. The follow up this time was “Oh, so where do you go?” to which, rather embarrassingly, I had little to say. Where had I eaten in Newcastle before this year? A rather unimpressive tapas …

Complete article

2 comments | Tags: cafes, Newcastle, restaurants, coffee

Life in the Big(ger) City: Viennese Coffee Culture

Apparently, Austrians do it better.

At this time of year, you may be relying on one particular hot caffeinated beverage to get you through all-nighters and long library sessions. Of course I’m talking about coffee, and it’s important to the Viennese too. But because this is the home of all things elegant and cultured, a mere cup of coffee doesn’t suffice. They have to have a Kaffeekultur (coffee culture).

This culture is built around the Kaffeehaus (literally coffee house), which is frequented by anyone with an hour or so to spare, although some of the more …

Complete article

0 comments | Tags: coffee, year abroad

Review: Merry Monk Coffee

Merry Monk Coffee sells flavoured beans and coffee.

Drinking coffee from a market stall is perhaps not the most appealing idea. At least, this was what I thought as I approached Monk Coffee in Durham Indoor Market. Tucked up in a small corner near the bakery and news stall its owner Michelle calls it the “hidden gem of the market – you need a treasure map to find it!” Irrespective of location, it’s worth finding. On arrival, the first thing I noticed was the sparseness of the stall. With plain wooden tables, bags of cloth sitting somewhat randomly and hemp …

Complete article

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