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Articles tagged “coffee”

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Health Hypes #1: Superfoods

“To me, ingredients with a strong nutritional value, such as particularly dense vitamin content, count as a superfood.”

I consider myself a bit of a health fanatic, and as I combine this with my interest in science, like to look behind the health hype headlines and find out the truth. So here I present a new column where I will be investigating the claims behind the major health hypes, from superfoods and diets to exercise regimes and strange therapies. Which health hypes are worth the fuss, and why? And which ones are nonsense?

Nowadays, the news is often riddled with …

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#FoodGuide: Best of Durham Cafés


With its tranquil riverside location, just beneath Durham’s cathedral, 9 Altars entices you in with an amazing display of cakes and other sweet treats, as well as a large selection of light lunch options. The food is good value and they offer a number of incredible deals at various points of the day. Their scenic outdoor terrace, nestled upon the riverbank, makes this café an extremely popular lunch destination, especially in the warmer months. With its cosy environment—which makes it the ideal lunch spot for two, larger groups may have to look elsewhere during …

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Insider’s Guide: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Part Two)

Cho Ben Thanh market.

Where to eat

The big question. Ho Chi Minh City is exalted again and again for its food, so this is an important section for both visitors and locals. Regarding Vietnamese cuisine, I highly recommend the following eateries: Cuc Gach (chic, inexpensive and delicious), Quan An Ngon (a bit touristy but the quality remains with a great atmosphere) and An (more rustic and well-made dishes). Seafood is delicious in Vietnam; don’t forget to try the famous dishes such as Pho, Bun Bo Hue, Chao, and so on! To be honest, most places will be …

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0 comments | Tags: manners, how to get around, tapioca, gong cha, taiwanese tea, bui vien street, bars, cargo bar, broma, blanchy's, racha room, shrine, where to drink, chao, bun bo hue, pho, quan an ngon, cuc gach, local food, where to eat, pham ngu lao, bitexco financial tower, backpacking, cholon, street food, vietnamese, ho chi minh city, taxi, backpackers, cuisine, transport, safety, nightlife, seafood, public transport, restaurants, coffee, Vietnam

#CheatSheet: Tips + Budget Tricks for Eating Healthily when Living Out

Eating healthily can work wonders on your energy levels and overall well-being, however, many think that it’s an expensive endeavour. I’m not going to lie, there is some truth to this: when healthy food becomes trendy, their prices tend to skyrocket. I often prioritise good food but my budget is far from limitless. Being self-catered last year and living out this year has pushed me to explore and learn that there are ways to eat healthily without having to file for personal bankruptcy in the process!

Fruit and veg at London’s Borough Market

A good first step is to put …

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Comments disabled | Tags: Sweet Freedom, Stevia, budget tricks, dairy-free, lactose-intolerant, Grainger Market, Poundland, snacks, grains, whole wheat, wholemeal, Robinsons Greengrocers, Durham Foods, Durham City Fruiterers, Holland & Barrett, student budget, yoghurt, wholegrain, healthy, cheat sheet, top tips, gluten-free, milk, tesco, healthy eating, coffee, vegan, tea, student life, fruit and veg, Budget

Review: Jumping Bean Café

Jumping Bean Café exterior

Past The Gates shopping centre, up North Road and on the left straight after Tesco Express nestles this modest café, only accentuated by a big, red sign that reads “JUMPING BEAN CAFÉ” –named with a reference to joy and coffee beans. When you enter, it feels as though you are walking into someone’s living room, with walls draped in locally crafted art and just the right amount of comfy chairs and snug nooks for you to sit back and unwind in. Loved by students, locals and customers from far and wide, this popular two-and …

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Review: Crook Hall and Gardens Café

Crook Hall & Gardens Café

Judging by the non-plussed response we had from our friends when we mentioned that we were reviewing the new café at Crook Hall, the majority of the student population is yet to discover the delights of this beautiful, 13th-century Medieval hall & gardens. Tucked just back from the river, past the Radisson and about a five minute walk from Claypath, it’s very close to the centre of town and we really recommend you try it out.

As luck would have it, Crook Hall has just completed its new café, which sells all homemade cakes, sandwiches, wraps and

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Review of the Week: Esquires

In a nutshell: It’s a straightforward coffee shop, without feeling too much like a large chain.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 7 – 6:30, Sunday 8:30 – 6

Dishes to try: Esquires has a range of sandwiches, cakes and drinks

Best feature: Close proximity to the viaduct, some of the latest café opening hours in Durham, big tables upstairs (and wifi!) perfect for group study sessions, and mugs of tea so massive they give you two teabags. Two!

Worst feature: When busy the upstairs can get fairly noisy

Relevant offers: Collect stamps for a free coffee

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Cafes: go local

For the best quality drinks and food, head to independent cafes – plentiful in Durham

I will begin with a confession. As an infant, my first word was not ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’ but ‘Frappuccino’. Whilst most people’s childhood holidays were planned around where there were good seasides, playgrounds and theme parks, mine were taken according to where there were the most Starbucks, Costa Coffees and Café Neros. Most children were weaned on milk and rusks; my diet was of ‘babycinos’ (cappuccinos for children for those of you not in the know; basically hot frothed milk) and lemon and poppy seed …

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Cup Sizes

As a student in Durham, a trip to Tesco on the Bailey is rather inevitable. As a student, it is also natural to be drawn to the highly nutritional, energy-providing, brightly coloured section of Tesco that is the Pick and Mix aisle, or, as they affectionately call it, the “Pick’n’Mix” zone. So you can imagine our dismay when during our perusal, what appears a trivial thing disturbed our picking and mixing experience. To me, the presence of both a “medium” size and an “extra-large” cup, and indeed the apparent lack of understanding as to the meaning …

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Winston Churchill is Dead

Revelation shocks the academic community

In a new book, controversial historian Steve (pronounced “Neill”) Sigardusson contends that former First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill is no longer among the living. I interviewed him, in a café of his choosing, to find out more.

I’m sat in De Gracy’s Tearooms, a snug, posh place on one of Cambridge’s main streets, the sort of place that would make you glad it was a Sunday afternoon if indeed it was a Sunday afternoon. My interviewee is late. He has told me in advance this might happen: he is coming …

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