First Time Confessions

Losing your V-card: a different experience for us all.

Inspired by the recent episodes of Made In Chelsea, where the character Ollie Locke seeks to write a book on 21st-century men and relationships, we thought we would have a go playing interrogator and ask that burning question: “when and how did you lose your virginity?”.

For some, it is a very personal experience, an intimate one shared with perhaps a boyfriend or loved one, for others, more casual, and more memorable for the wrong *cough* right reasons. We have asked friends,college family and other students to indulge us in their first time experiences, as well as adding our own to the list. All of them are completely true, in their own words and for your enjoyment, so thank you to everyone for baring their sexual pasts so honestly.

Aged 17. Back of my parent’s car in an industrial estate. The security people turned up, so we had to drive away naked. Ended up dating for four years.

Aged 17. A friend’s afterparty. I had been getting with her a bit. It was not her first time, but we started going out after, and still are.

Aged 17. At a Halloween party, he was a stranger. We licked warm Bettycrocker icing and Baileys off each other’s faces. I was on top, and our friends walked in. Been best friends since.

Aged 15. A boyfriend. We had been together for six months, and we did it randomly. Took a while to work but we were in love and it felt special. His bed.

Aged 17. At my houseparty with a random older gatecrasher. He wanted a tour of the house, naïvely showed him every nook and cranny until we got to the bedroom, then boom.

Aged 17. We were both virgins, friend’s party, anal and vaginal. I’ve seen him around since, as we have mutual friends.

Aged 18. Philip Island, Australia. Twenty-four-year-old French guy I met at a penguin show. In a tent, romantic and sweet.

Aged 14. Long term boyfriend of 18 months. We were three months in, I initiated and it was very romantic but quite painful. Best decision I ever made.

Aged 17. Party. In the garden in the shadows by the shed. Everyone was cheering.

Aged 17. At a festival in Croatia. Went home with some sexy Norwegians only to get kicked out afterwards when they realised I wasn’t 25 like I had said.

Aged 14. With my boyfriend of five months. Broke up a month later. Romantic, didn’t hurt.

Aged 16. My room. We had been going out for four months, and worried a lot about pregnancy during and after, so we bought a test and panicked, but it was all good. Now she has a six-month-old child and lives on a council estate.

Aged 17. My bed after we had been to a party. She later became my girlfriend.

Aged 16. To a girlfriend, three weeks in, in her bed. Two and a half hours = three condoms. Nice.

Aged 17. One night stand. Quite nice, cracking boobs.

Aged 15. My bed with my girlfriend; I got nervous and said “if we’re quick we can catch the end of Match of the Day“. She cried after so I consoled her by watching World’s Fattest Man. I really liked her.

Aged 16. At a post-GCSE party. With a fat girl, great cans. But she threw up after.


Aged 16. In my own bed, with my then boyfriend. It was 2 in the afternoon, and we were procrastinating GCSE revision. My brother came home during though, quite awkward.

Aged 16. To my girlfriend, a few months in and still going out (three years!).

Aged 16. Hooked up with a friend (both very drunk). Gave him oral, went too deep and threw up on him but he took me home anyway. I met his mum and then we lost it to one another.

Aged 14. In a 10-month relationship. We didn’t have a condom and it did not work: “he popped in a couple of times”, so we stopped.

Aged 16. Back of a car with a bartender.

Aged 19. Hostel in Queenstown. We were tripping on acid after seeing Mt. Eden live. I cried when he fell asleep on top of me and drooled. He was gone in the morning.

17th birthday. In a bush in Soho square in London after clubbing. An Indian couple was watching us from the bench. Never saw him again.

Aged 17. School grounds with the local sket. Her friend was giving my mate oral about two metres away.

Aged 15. She was a family friend, and our families were out together. We both had braces and acne. It was awkward for years.

Aged 14. In a park in Oxford against a tree. Well-hidden though.

Aged 16. In my bed with my boyfriend. After we had broken up.

Aged 16. At a houseparty. It was really good, and I then went out with the boy for two and a half years and that was also lovely.

Aged 16. It was good. We went out for two years. I had the chickenpox though. And we broke the bed.

Aged 17. In a forest. Was good, romantic and I do not regret anything. Why forest? Answer: convenient.

Aged 18. A drunken night out, went back to his but it was just anal sex. Everyone knew and it was very embarrassing. He looked like Jim from American Pie. Definitely regret it.

So there you have it. Confessions reminiscing the beginning of students’ sexual awakenings. We were pleased with everyone’s willingness and openness to divulge the details, and hope that maybe you even managed to recognise a few, if not as specific people, then as parallels to your own or to your friends’ experiences.

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