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Amber Matthews

Amber Matthews gives an alternative and relaxed approach to cultural trends – the things that we panic about, love to hate, laugh at, or just aren’t that into any more.

Vintage Fashion: An Ethical Epidemic?

Take a look, you just might find something special

“Vintage” has become a word loaded with associations. In terms of clothes, it implies a plethora of different styles and fashions. It can mean anything from “hipster”, with rolled-up sleeves on check shirts, 80s skin-tight jeans and shaved sides of the head, to the 50s housewife look, with polka dots and flared skirts and oversized headscarves. It’s wormed its way into all areas of fashion, allowing shops like Durham’s quirky little haven Ding Dong Vintage to flourish. It may not yet be a mainstream trend, but it …

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Thug Culture

We can offer you a certain amount of protection… for a small fee, of course

Last week I stumbled across yet another article that horrified me, except this time it was not an ill-conceived rant against societal progression, but a piece of excellent digging carried out by The Guardian (excuse the shameless left-wing plug!). The police departments of the West Midlands, which is worryingly my home turf, and Surrey have proposed contracting out some of their workload to private security companies. But surely only mundane tasks, only the bureaucracy, I hear you cry. Some of it is indeed …

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Gay Marriage: the Ugly Ducking before the Swan?

Should this be allowed?

A prominent newspaper published an article a week ago that includes a photo of an adorable young couple, both in white bridal veils, kissing happily in the midst of a crowded street. The caption pinned to this image reads, “Threat: Homosexuals in bridal veils kiss in the street. Such communions would jeopardise the stability of our country” (I can barely write that down with a straight face). Unsurprisingly, the newspaper I mention is the Daily Mail. So perhaps “prominent” is a misleading epithet.

I’m sure much of my readership will have come across this article

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1 comment | Tags: homophobia, Same Sex Marriage, marriage, sex, human rights, homosexuality, David Cameron

Why is Gore all I get, when I want a Ghastly Ghost?

Would YOU knock at that door…?

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned ghost story for cheap thrills. A skilled one can send the most uncomfortably delightful shivers up your spine, and have you hiding behind a sofa cushion like a twelve-year-old again. Everyone loves them. The ghost story is surely one of the oldest, most primitive forms of story-telling. Our Neanderthal ancestors, with their low brows and excessive body hair, must have gathered around the campfire at night and told stories about spirits to explain away the strange lights in the sky, and the howling …

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Dawn of the Digital

What would the bard say to this?

“Words, words, words… Once I had the gift, but now…” says Shakespeare. Or at least, says Joseph Fiennes’ Shakespeare in that indulgently sugary romcom about the Bard, Shakespeare In Love. This line is in turn adapted from something Shakespeare’s most famous character Hamlet says. Incidentally, it is also the title of parody rap (see above) by Bo Burnham, which references – to name a few – Eminem, Oedipus, Atticus Finch, Uncle Sam, Steven Hawking and (my personal favourite) that game of childhood innocence, Hungry Hungry Hippos.

The point I’m trying to make with …

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