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Articles by Katherine Chesher

Too Ugly to be Prime Minister?

How relevant are a politician’s looks to their electoral success?

Like most politicians, Ed Miliband hasn’t quite managed the perfect press image. From Twitter typos to alleged fratricide, he has an astonishing range of apparent drawbacks. However, one of the weirdest accusations thrown at him is that he’s too ugly to be Prime Minister.

The statement, stemming from a misjudged segment of a question from Radio 4’s Today, was met with a flurry of disbelief (although, it should be noted, not enough disbelief to prevent The Sunday Times getting YouGov to run a poll on the …

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0 comments | Tags: attractiveness, psychology, politics, Ed Miliband

Correlation, Causation and Coffee

Does coffee really prevent depression?

You may have noticed that there was a fuss in the media over the summer about the relationship between coffee and depression. “Coffee is good for you” screamed the Daily Mail. The Guardian insisted on “Why drinking coffee makes women full of beans“. Even the BBC ran with the headline “Coffee may prevent depression, scientists say”. As you may be able to tell, this story was of course based on a study which came to the exact conclusions the headlines stated: that coffee was brilliant at protecting women against depression.

Just kidding.

The study in

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0 comments | Tags: statistics, coffee, media